National Sardines Day

National Sardines Day

Most people have heard of Sardines. The general consensus is that they are gross. It’s not surprising that most people have never encountered sardines. You may be shocked at how sardines can find their way into places that you never thought possible. Sardines are a great source of Omega Fatty Acids and B12. Don’t be afraid to enjoy sardines as an addition to your meals. Sardine Day allows you to discover more about these tiny fish and how they may have been enjoying your meals without you even knowing.

Sardines got their name originally from Sardinia, a Mediterranean island. This term was first used by the Greeks to describe the red color of the fish, and the area where they were popularized. These fish were a popular trade item for centuries because of their high nutritional content and the ease with which they could easily be shipped.

Sardines can be used in many dishes. They are closely related to anchovies, which are served with Caesar Salad or as a base flavor for Worcestershire sauce. They are also a main ingredient in “Gentleman’s Relish”, a popular spread made from sardines that is used in many English dishes.

You can celebrate Sardines Day by conquering your fear of the delicious fish. To preserve them, they are usually packed in tins or pickled. There are thousands of recipes that use these fish, canned or fresh. Caesar Salad is a classic Caesar Salad that starts with a sardine being pressed into a bowl to give it a fishy flavor. Those who like a stronger taste can use two sardines.

These are often served as a snack at lunch, with tomatoes and fresh avocado on top of crisp crackers and a sardine. To enhance their flavor, they are often added to soups or sandwiches. If you have ever eaten soup made with fish-based broths, then it is most likely that the fish stock was created from sardines. National Sardines Day, which is celebrated on May 1, 2017, is an opportunity to show your love for sardines.


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