National Save the Eagles Day

National Save the Eagles Day

Majestic eagles have eyesight eight times better than human eyes. They build their nests on top cliffs for the best view. Eagles are extremely powerful, with grips that can be up to ten-times stronger than human hands. These two attributes make them excellent hunters. These birds nearly went extinct at one point.

National Save the Eagles Day was created to promote awareness and raise funds for the great birds in need.

Bald Eagles are native to North America. They were listed on the endangered species lists for many decades. However, they were saved from extinction in 2007 and taken off the list.

The most popular species are the bald and golden eagles in Canada and the US. However, 60 other species of eagles live around the world, many in Eurasia and Africa. These birds of prey are large in size and glide effortlessly through the air.

National Save the Eagles Day was established by the Bergen County Audubon Society and Ridgefield Village Park in an effort to save one particular pair of eagles.

These two eagles, Alice and Al, built their Ridgefield home overlooking Overpeck Creek. However, there were concerns about possible health risks. A development corporation decided to take the eagles out. The solution was not well received by the community, so they organized a way for the eagle couple’s home to be kept. They succeeded!

Although National Save the Eagles Day was initially centered around a particular set of eagles it has gained momentum and the celebration is now widely spread!

These fun ideas will help you have fun and get involved in National Save the Eagles Day

It might be a great activity to celebrate National Save the Eagles Day by going eagle-spotting early in the morning. It all depends on where you are located so some people may need to make it a road trip to reach a good park or other place known for eagle-watching.

It takes patience and dedication to watch eagles, but it can be very rewarding. Early morning eagle watching is best. They are most active between sunrise and 10 a.m. when they are likely to be hunting or feeding.

It may seem strange, but eagle watching in certain locations, such as Washington, is more likely to succeed in years with even numbers. Because salmon swimming upstream in “even” years are more common, this is why. They may also be more common in December, when they are most abundant in particular areas. They also enjoy hunting on cloudy days!

A great way to get involved in National Save the Eagles Day activities is to make a financial donation to a charity that rescues and protects animals in peril. Learn more about these charities.

You can celebrate the occasion by listening to some music made famously by the Eagles. This pioneering country rock band has more than 20 albums and some video albums. You can listen to them on a variety of devices.

In celebration of Save the Eagles Day, check out these Eagles songs:


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