National Savings Day

National Savings Day

Saving is more fun than spending. Nothing is more satisfying than achieving your savings goals and finally being able to purchase the item you have been wanting for so long. National Savings Day helps everyone to be more invested in the future.

National Savings Day reminds people that they can save money, no matter how small or large, whether it’s for their children’s college education, a home deposit, a cruise that’s on your bucket list, or even a new car.

Capital One founded National Savings Day in 2017 to empower people by encouraging them to implement simple strategies into their savings plans. It takes only a bit of planning and dedication to make it possible. Even those who start small will love how it makes them feel when they are able to save money for a goal.

National Savings Day is a day you can celebrate, but it’s also a key part of investing for the future. These are some ideas to enjoy National Savings Day.

Knowing how much you are able to save is key. It is easiest to do this by creating a budget that records regular income, tracks typical outgo, and gives you a realistic amount of money to save.

Although a piggy bank may be able to save those coins, an account that makes automatic deposits for you is the best way to make your savings count. You can set these accounts up in many ways. For example, you can have a portion of your checking account moved to savings every time a direct deposit arrives.

You can set it up so that $25, $50, or even $100 per week are saved into your savings account without even realizing. This kind of investment can really help a savings account grow quickly!

Employers may offer matching savings incentives to their employees. This allows them to double their retirement savings or make other plans. Some employers may offer a Christmas savings program. For National Savings Day, check with your human resources department.

Don’t wait until you have “extra” money. Most people spend it before it becomes more! Start by saving a set amount for your first payday. This type of routine savings can be used to accomplish large projects or create enough money for an emergency fund in case you need it.


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