National School Social Work Week

National School Social Work Week

School Social Work Week offers an opportunity to discover about the unique contributions of school social workers in American school systems. School Social Week highlights how school social workers can help students succeed in school.

This holiday is dedicated to school social workers.

Social workers understand that school is more than just about learning your primary education. While learning is important, social workers also focus on the needs and well-being of children in these schools districts.

These can hinder learning. Social workers can help students in all school districts. Social workers can help students learn life skills, as well as lessons in emotional intelligence. This includes how to manage their homes and interact with others.

This type of social work is often overlooked for the value they provide. In 2009, the School Social Work Association of America created this holiday based on news reports that highlighted how important and vital social work can be in schools.

The SSWAA has encouraged people to celebrate this holiday since then to show gratitude to social workers who helped students get through school and function as active members of society.

Social workers share their knowledge with students in their communities and allow parents and students to express gratitude.

The SSWAA offers many ways to show your appreciation to your school’s social worker. If you are a student at your school and a social worker helped you through difficult times, Ask your school newspaper for an interview to discuss their experiences with students.

Post posters around the school to advertise the holiday and let your friends know.


Mar 05 - 11 2025


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