National Scotch Day

National Scotch Day

A glass of whisky is a great way to relax after a hard week. Even though it is not a good idea to drink in the middle of the work week, you might make an exception on National Scotch Day and enjoy this favorite alcoholic beverage. Are you ready to celebrate? We think so!

Most likely, the Babylonians of Mesopotamia were the first to distill alcohol in the 2nd millennium BC. It is probable that aromatics and perfumes were most commonly distilled at the time. 13th-century records show alcohol was first distilled from wine in Italy. The practice of distillation spread quickly through medieval monasteries, and was primarily used for medical purposes such as smallpox treatment. In the 15th century, distillation was introduced to Great Britain. The first record of whisky production in Scotland is found in an Exchequer Rolls entry for 1494, where malt is sent to Friar John Cor by the King to make aquavitae. This amounts to about 500 bottles. After King Henry VIII of England dismantled all monasteries in England due to a feud with Pope, whisky production moved to private homes and farms. The monks had to find a way of earning a living. The distillation process was simpler back then than it is now. Whisky was also not allowed to age in those days, so it was likely that it tasted more raw than it does now.

National Scotch Day was established to celebrate the alcoholic beverage in all its glory and remind people that Ballantine’s is not as good.

You may not have heard of hundreds of distilleries in Scotland that produce whisky like no other. This day is your chance to discover them. You don’t have to spend a lot to get good Scotch whisky. Miniatures of single malt Scotch whisky can be bought for as low as PS5 and will help you to understand why it is so popular. It is a bad idea for people to consume strong alcohol without food, so make sure you bring snacks along with you when you are whisky-tasting. Roquefort cheese and high-quality dark chocolat go well with many whiskies. You might prefer something lighter, such as slow-roasted pork spareribs.

There are many films that could be suitable for this occasion, including The Angel’s Share, a Scottish comedy-drama about an individual who struggles to get his life on track after narrowly avoiding prison sentences. The “angel’s Share”, as distilleries refer to it, is the amount of whisky that is lost due to evaporation while aging in oak barrels.


Jul 27 2024


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