National Selfie Day

National Selfie Day

What’s the worst thing about this? People who take selfies every day. They have amazing profile photos and they look absolutely stunning. It seems like they had to take thousands of photos just to find the perfect one.

We aren’t jealous that we can’t take perfect selfies. Ours always look like they were taken by a pigeon landing onto a camera. It’s okay! You don’t have to feel embarrassed to take as many photos on National Selfie Day.

Selfies have existed for as long as handheld cameras have been around. The human vanity is so profound that we will do anything to be self-aggrandizing if given the chance. We can defend this habit as it isn’t strictly human.

If given a camera and some time to learn it, monkeys can snap selfies like nobody’s business. The BBC declared a National Selfie Day in 2014, which was amusingly associated with a drop in selfies. It was interesting to note that there was a similar decline after the Oxford English Dictionary added “selfie” to its pages. It seems that making things official is a great way to make sure nobody wants them.

Don’t worry, the selfie is here to stay. The selfie-stick, the write-mounted drone that can fly and take a photo on your behalf, is just one example of the advanced technology in selfie technology.

Maybe we can achieve that golden hour lighting that glows on our skin, bringing it to an unsurpassed level of flawlessness. Many people look at selfies with shock and wonder, “Is that really how I look?”. But the truth is, that we can see how we look in a selfie just like many photos.

We see ourselves in the mirror every morning when we look at it. This mirror image is different from what we see when we look at other people. It’s common for selfie-taking to be a problem. We see ourselves in the mirror and believe we are different. In reality, we are a more authentic version of ourselves. Are you ready to move it all? It gets better. Cameras aren’t the true definition of 3D living. If we look good in real life and not in photos it could be due to lighting, quality, or simply that we’re not very photogenic. It is possible, trust us!

We have many options when taking selfies. We can now change our faces, add filters and edit our flaws. But have we ever stopped to consider the positives to selfies? They not only highlight our imperfections but also show our beauty. Did you ever notice the blue colour in your eyes? Did you notice the amber rim in the middle of your eyes? You might be tempted to look at your nose and notice how adorable and upturned your tip is. Or the way your hair falls. These are all things you can celebrate about your selfies. Selfies are a great way of capturing moments even if you’re travelling alone. It is safer and more wise to take selfies than to ask someone to take your photo. They will likely be good samaritans and you might even get an “Instagram husband” to take the photo for you. While they may capture photos from every angle, taking a selfie allows you to keep track of that moment and how you felt. This is something to be proud of, right? It is obvious!

The best way to celebrate Selfie Day is by taking tons of selfies, in search of the perfect one. We won’t judge you if you take a photo of yourself whenever the opportunity presents itself. A selfie stick can be purchased to take photos of yourself. Then, you’ll regret it the next day when you realize what a horrible person it made. You don’t need to feel embarrassed to take a selfie for your social media profiles.

A great way to celebrate selfie day? If you take a bad photo that you don’t want to show anyone, you can choose to accept it and send it to your closest friends (and those who know you best) to make them smile. You are their image, and they will never change how you see yourself. Selfie day allows you to show off your best features, even if it’s a messy hairstyle or hormonal breakouts that won’t go away. You might want to try out a new style, or maybe you just want to capture the moment forever. Have fun and be wild with your selfies! It’s National Selfie Day!


Jun 21 2024


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