National Send a Card to a Friend Day

National Send a Card to a Friend Day

There are many types of friends. Some friends are close to family, while others are closer to our acquaintances. They all play an important role in our lives, no matter how they are described. Each one can be clearly seen and remembered for their good and bad moments.

National Send a card to a friend day is your opportunity to express what you mean to them and why. This isn’t about sending a text or a call. It is a day for you to send a postcard…in the mail! There is still a person who sends physical mail and cards. You’ll see them every day!

The art of letter writing and penmanship has become a distant memory as electronic communication has replaced all forms of communication. You don’t believe so. Ask any school-aged child whether they have penmanship today, and watch how much they laugh at your jokes! It doesn’t exist anymore. This sad reality raises the joy one feels when they are the recipients of a genuine paper card. There are no pixels, only your heartfelt thoughts on paper.

It was once a time that men and women sent daily notes to friends. You could send thank you notes, invitations to parties, love notes, and gossip filled notes that caught up on the evening’s antics. We now have a digital journal that updates every minute on social media. National Send a Card To a Friend Day encourages you to get away from your devices and show how much you care.

This holiday is great to celebrate! There are many options. You can simply head to your local store and browse the aisles with the cards. There are so many options that you could spend hours in there. Are you looking for a humorous card or something more serious. You can easily find the card you want by arranging them. You want to be a little more creative? A card can be made from scratch. Grab your paper and markers, and get started! Is that too silly? It shouldn’t. You can find tons of inspiration at your local craft shop. You can’t make a handmade card if you don’t have glitter.

Are you a little too imaginative to make a card using glue and glitter? Let me show you how to use your computer. You can create a card with the help of a number of programs. It can be printed at your local pharmacy or on your printer. Make sure to write something in your own handwriting to surprise your friend on National Send a Card to a Friend Day.


Jul 02 2025


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