National Sense Of Smell Day

National Sense Of Smell Day

It served as a shield against danger in the darkest days of history, helping us to climb out of the trees and get on our feet. It is so closely tied to our development that it is linked to multiple neurological systems. This can trigger memories in ways that no other thing can.

It allows us to identify our favorite food or detect the scent of our favourite person. Sense of Smell Day focuses on this amazing sense.

This holiday is sponsored by the Sense of Smell Institute for obvious reasons. It is often forgotten how important the sense of smell plays in our daily lives.

Our sense of smell is a key component of many of the most comforting and important things we can experience. Without it, our senses of smell become less sensitive. The research and education division of The Fragrance Foundation is The Sense of Smell Institute.

This institute discovered some interesting facts, including the fact that not everyone smells odors the same. Your sense of smell becomes more acute as the day goes on, with evening being the strongest.

This is a good thing, considering that our eyes are the most important sense for detecting dangers during the day, while our sense of smell at night could save our ancestors from certain dangers. A surprising revelation is that Vitamin A, although not good for your eyesight, is vital for your sense of smell. Anosmia can be caused by a lack of Vitamin A. A strange little word that can mean ‘loss or sense of smell’.

It’s a great way to celebrate Sense of Smell Day by giving your little sniffer a workout. Enjoy the experience of smelling new smells every day and take the time to enjoy all the odors you encounter.

It was a feast for the senses, but you can also get together with your friends to play “The Pleasure Room”, a game where you each try to smell out objects.

You can even create surprises to get smells that are very similar or very similar but from completely different sources. There are many ways to have fun with Sense of Smell Day.


Apr 01 - 30 2025


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