National Sewing Machine Day

National Sewing Machine Day

When fibers were first used to make clothing, it was a long and tedious process. The fiber had to be broken down into thread and yarn, then woven into cloth. The cloth was then cut and sewn together with a needle and thread. Someone would laboriously pick out each stitch individually. The Sewing Machine was then invented. With it, clothing production became more efficient. The invention of the sewing machine is celebrated on National Sewing Machine Day.

Grandma likely had one and learned how to use it from an early age. It was grandma who could thread a needle effectively and she was also the one who could get the new pantaloons you needed for school. Sewing machines were a staple of fashion in those days when most young women worked at clothing factories. This traditional tool can still be used in certain industries today and makes a great statement piece in a home.

A man saw a need in 1755 and decided to create a miracle device that would take all the work out of hand sewing. Charles Frederick Wiesenthal invented the double-pointed needle with an eye at the end. However, Thomas Saint was the one who truly revolutionized sewing. Unfortunately, there is no trace of his invention.

The story continues until 1829 when Barthelemy Thimonnier invents and patents the incredible machine that would revolutionize the textile industry. The sewing machine’s development has continued to improve, with new high-power surges and programmable embroidery devices being developed to fill every niche in the industry. National Sewing Machine Day is a celebration of the invention of the machine and the hard work of all those who worked tirelessly over the years to make the best sewing machines. These amazing people are responsible for how easy clothing can be made today and how simple it is to learn the ancient art of sewing.

What makes the sewing machine so powerful? While there are many who will tell you they are obsolete and can’t keep pace with the demand for larger industrial machines, there are still some things that you can look at that will help you understand why the traditional sewing machine is so popular even today.

It’s much quicker than hand stitching and has a lower chance of developing arthritis. The little stitches that make up hems are much faster and easier to do. It also has a high level of accuracy that allows you to adjust and change as necessary when using it. This makes it a clear winner. It is simple, straight-forward, and a great way to make things. There are also additional benefits! You can experiment with the stitching and create the famous “zig zag” stitch. This will ensure that you have consistent style when adding buttons or other additions. They are a boon for fastidious sewers!

First, if your skills are in the realm of tailoring or seamstress, you can work with a piece cloth on your own. Although it may seem odd to be celebrating a machine that makes this unnecessary, once you are done, you will realize how vital the sewing machine is to your everyday life. Alternately, you can also learn a trade if you have never sewn a single stitch in your entire life.

Ask your grandmother to show you some patterns or designs. You might also ask her to teach you how to sew. There will likely be lots of wartime cheer, but that’s where the fun begins. Sit down and enjoy their company, along with a cup of tea or whisky, if you feel like it!

You might discover a hidden talent, or it could lead to a new career. Sometimes it’s by chance that we find our calling in life. It may seem like you are trying to swim in the water, but there are many benefits to learning how to sew. You now have every reason to appreciate the beauty of this piece of machinery. If you can’t find a sewing machine in your area, did grandma give her machine to the thrift store in 1995? There are solutions! You can borrow, buy, rent, or purchase a sewing machine to get started with threading. You may find your passion!


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