National Sewing Month

National Sewing Month

There has been a skill throughout history that enhances our homes and protects us from all kinds of weather. It also ensures we get a good night’s rest in even the coldest nights. Sewing is that skill! September is National Sewing Month. It celebrates the artistic practice of sewing, which decorates and clothes our bodies all year. Grab your needles, and get stitching!

National Sewing Month was established by to celebrate the art-form that encompasses countless others. There are many ways to sew, including embroidery, applique, and crafts. In 1982, President Reagan declared September National Sewing Month to recognize the importance of sewing at home for the American people as well as other nations.

Since the dawn of time, sewing has been an integral part of human life. Although patterns and styles have changed over time, sewing remained the same until the invention of the sewing machine in the 19th century. Although machine sewing is now the norm, hand sewing remains an integral part of many people’s lives, whether they are hobbyists or textile artists. You have an almost endless number of materials that you can use, including llama wool fabric and leather. All are available for you to make whatever you want!

The sewing machine has made great strides in recent years. Computerized sewing can now perform many tasks that would have taken hours, or even days to complete. You can program complex embroidery patterns on certain sewing machines to create images on your fabric within minutes.

National Sewing Month is a great time to learn and explore this hobby.

National Sewing Month offers a chance to get creative with the fabric arts. You can start by making a simple bag or pouch to hold your sewing materials. Next, you can add your name and a pattern to the bag or pouch with embroidery. You could be designing your own line of designer fashions or creating a quilt for your family. Once you’re a master of the sewing arts, you’ll be able to do almost anything! Get out your needles and get sewing!


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