National Skipping Day


National Skipping Day will take place on Friday 25th March 2022 this year and is organised by Skipping Workshops.

Over the years we have received a great deal of feedback from schools and it seems that participating schools fall into two groups: the first are those schools who promote playground skipping on a regular basis throughout the school year and see NSD as a means of celebrating this commitment . By contrast, some schools don’t promote skipping throughout the school year but are happy to take part in NSD as a ‘one-off’ celebration of healthy exercise through skipping. The 2022 event is definitely of more interest to the first group (although we hope all schools will consider taking part.)

For schools taking part in the 2022 NSD we have developed a graded scheme of skills, starting with challenges for Nursery and YR children moving forward to skills for children in Y5 & Y6 who have shown a commitment to developing skipping skills. There are 6 levels in all, starting with ‘basic’ (for the youngest children) moving through to Level 5. For those children who complete the tasks in each level we have a certificate which we hope schools will present to those children who qualify. For each level we will send participating schools detailed staff notes to explain the various challenges.

If you register for NSD 2022 we will send you details of the skills involved in the basic level as well as Levels 1 & 2 plus a copy of the different certificates for each level.

If you feel able to host an all-day-skip visit from Skipping Workshops between now and the end of the academic year we will send you, free of charge, a useful ‘starter pack’ of skipping ropes; this will include 15 child ropes ( infant and/or junior sizes) as well as a 4m long rope, a 8m long rope as well as one adult rope. The normal cost of the pack is £102 but free to schools who book a visit. We are grateful to NORtech Jump ropes for their continuing support for NSD.

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