National Small Press Month

National Small Press Month

Do you have a book idea or are you a published author? Today, there are many opportunities for writers that were not available a few decades back. This fact is celebrated by National Small Press Month, which spotlights many of the greatest authors in the world. It is not just about the authors, but also the publishing houses. To publish against the giant publishers requires courage and spirit.

National Small Press Month was established in 1996 by the New York City-based Small Press Center, and the Publishers Marketing Association, both based in California. It was created to promote small publishing houses and encourage them to fight the big publishers. It’s also an opportunity to highlight the authors being represented and to encourage them to fight against the big publishing houses.

The Book Industry Study Group conducted a 1999 survey that was surprising in its findings. The study found that $14.3 billion in annual sales was generated by fifty thousand small publishers. Since then, independent publishers have grown exponentially so the numbers would be even higher. The small press can find it difficult to get their product onto the shelves, especially when they have to compete with larger companies.

It is important to celebrate National Small Press Month in order to keep information and ideas flowing from independent sources. Many libraries and bookstores will feature sections or displays devoted to these authors. You might find a small publishing house in your area that hosts an event to promote their authors. These book fairs are often organized to promote these books. For information about what’s happening in your area, contact a librarian. You can visit any of these events to check out the offerings. You might just find your new favorite book!

Are you familiar with an author that is published by an independent publisher? You can share your thoughts and experiences with friends and family on social media. This is a great way for people to support the idea of books being important. It doesn’t really matter if the book is published by one the biggest or one the smallest.

National Small Press Month is just the beginning. There are many other details to be learned. You can also use your trusted search engine to find information about events in your local area. Take the children with you to visit your local library or bookstore. You can make the trip into something memorable and leave time to create a lasting memory that will encourage reading in your future. You can make multiple trips throughout the month.


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