National Snowman Burning Day

National Snowman Burning Day

National Snowman Burning Day is a holiday for those who are tired of cold, freezing winters and want spring to arrive. People burn snowmen every year as part of a long tradition to welcome spring and say goodbye to winter.

Why is a snowman being set ablaze? Learn more about this holiday and how to celebrate it at Days of The Year.

Snowman burning, as it sounds, involves the burning of snowmen. National Snowman Burning Day began at Lake Superior State University in March 1971. It was started by Unicorn Hunters on campus, a club that aimed to remove unnecessary words from English.

The club is no longer in existence, but the idea was sparked by a visit to the Rose Sunday Festival in Germany. There, some members saw the mayor with a straw snowman pass through the town.

According to reports, the mayor can order the burning of the straw snowman if the children behave well, study hard, and obey their parents.

The club was inspired by this event and enjoyed the end of Michigan’s cold winter. They started the tradition of lighting snowmen. This was based on the belief that rising smoke from the fire would prevent blizzards from bringing in spring-like weather.

The university made it a long-standing tradition to welcome spring for decades after profiting from the event. They use snowmen that are up to 12 feet tall made from wood, paper, straw and paint.

It was reported in 1992 that the event had been cancelled due to environmental concerns. The event was revived thanks to the support of the public.

Make your National Snowman Burning Day celebration special by making your straw snowman. You should always keep safety in mind when you are doing this. Burning the snowman will welcome spring and end winter’s cold harshness.

You can also see a bigger version of the snowman by visiting LSSU’s snowman-burning festival. There you will have lots of fun and the snowman will be burning.

If you find this holiday interesting, share it on social media with the hashtag #snowmanburningday and let your family and friends know.


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