National Sock Day

National Sock Day

National Sock Day celebrates and shows appreciation for socks that not only do their job well but also look great!

Socks have been around for more than 2000 years. Cave dwellers made them from matted goat hair to keep warm. Socks may have had a split at the toe to allow them to be worn with sandals with a strap between their toes. Although socks worn with sandals are no longer fashionable, many people still wear them because they have practicality.

National Sock Day celebrates socks, which have been an integral part of people’s lives for thousands of year. A clothing company called Pair of Thieves founded National Sock Day in 2016.

National Sock Day was created to celebrate socks and promote goodwill. The Pair of Thieves clothing brand also made an appearance that year (complete with a marching band), showing goodwill to employees of different companies and giving away free socks.

National Sock Day was also an opportunity for people to donate socks to people in need. The Pair of Thieves has held charity events in the past where one pair of socks for every purchase on National Sock Day.

Pair of Thieves’ “Do-Gooders”, collection of socks, which “helps shoppers buy with purpose” was launched in 2020. It lasted from December 1 – 4. The event began with Giveback Tuesday, December 1, and ended with National Sock Day, December 4.

The company originally planned to celebrate National Sock Day on December 4, when the idea was first born. Because the day is associated with the close of the 1954 Broadway musical, “On Your Toes”, the company decided to celebrate it on December 4. The day also marks the end of The Judds’ 1991 concert, which was the last concert of the country music duo “Toe-tapping” mother/daughter duo The Judds.

No matter the reason, National Sock Day should be celebrated!

Enjoy National Sock Day and try these ideas.

The new trends in socks today don’t mean that footwear has to be boring. National Sock Day allows you to stock your sock drawer with new and exciting socks.

This is a great time to purchase socks for yourself but it’s also a good opportunity to buy socks for someone in need. Socks are a must-have for homeless shelters as they keep feet dry and warm.

Make National Sock Day a motivator by visiting a local shelter and asking for socks. You can also make a donation to the shelter to help those in need.

Celebrate National Sock Day with your friends and enjoy the day! Throw a party to celebrate the occasion! Invite your friends and wear your most outrageous socks to the party. Invite friends to play games that involve socks. For example, create a game of sock-matching by joining a bunch of socks. Or, use rolled socks to make a sock snake.

Check out this Movie featuring Socks

National Sock Day is a great time to have friends over, wear silly socks, and watch a movie or just hang out with your friends.


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