National Soul Food Month

National Soul Food Month

The African-American culinary tradition is rich and delicious. National Soul Food Month celebrates this rich and diverse tradition. The Culinary Historians Chicago sponsors it. Chicago is known for its comfort food restaurants.

In the 1960s, “soul food” was popularized. The term “soul food” was originally used to describe dishes that included unpopular or unusual meat cuts. The unique African-American culinary skills and ability to transform these seemingly unappetizing ingredients into delicious, hearty meals quickly changed America’s perception of soul food. It was once a term that was used to describe a restaurant experience where satisfaction is guaranteed.

National Soul Food Month reminds us to preserve traditions: Many families celebrate special meals that have been passed down through generations. Join the Soul Food Train and take part in the culinary celebration. You are welcome to extend the month, you’ll love it!


Jun 01 - 30 2025


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