National Spider-Man Day

National Spider-Man Day

Aunt May would be proud of the little Peter Parker has accomplished in his strange radioactive spider world. He has National Spider-Man Day, even though he’s a little complicated!

Stan Lee and Steve Dikto created Spider-Man in 1962, on the pages Marvel comic books. Since then, Spider-Man is alive in many different ways. The lovable, awkward teenage superhero was loved by many loner teens (and adults) around the globe.

Even though he was bitten by a radioactive snake, audiences loved him and wanted more. Fans have loved Spider-Man for over six decades. Comic books, animated cartoons and live action films are all available. All things in between.

While the exact date Spidey first appeared in comic books is uncertain (some say it was June 5, while others claim August 10), National Spider-Man Day is now observed on August 1. No matter the anniversary of publication, National Spider-Man Day is to be celebrated!

It’s easy to celebrate National Spider-Man Day for fans of Marvel or Spider-Man. These are some ideas to pay tribute to this star superhero.

You can go back to the original Spider-Man way of enjoying Spider-Man. Head to the comic shop and grab some Spider-Man stories. These comics are guaranteed to delight, whether you’re looking for classic collectibles or modern comics.

Grab some classic animated cartoons from the 1960s and enjoy them with their catchy theme song. Spider-Man, Spider-Man does everything a spider can. Be on the lookout! “Here comes Spider-Man” The original series ran 52 episodes from 1967 to 1970.

From 1994-1998, Fox Kids Network aired another Spider-Man cartoon series. The 65 episodes were later aired on Toon Disney and Disney XD to give the children of the nineties a taste of National Spider-Man Day.

For those who prefer modern versions, you can check out any of the Spider-Man films that have been made. There are many to choose from, with three actors playing the role over the last 20 years. Here are some:


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