National Stationery Week

All stationery lovers are invited to stock up on pencils, sharpen pencils, buy a notebook and celebrate National Stationery Week with style this April.

National Stationery Week, an annual campaign that celebrates all things stationery, is designed to encourage people around the world to practice their handwriting and get pen to paper.

National Stationery Week is a great time to recognize your favorite stationery items and to show your love for all things stationery from pencils and ballpoint pen to planners and notebooks.

National Stationery Week celebrates all things stationery. It lasts one week each year, and is loved by stationery lovers around the world. This week’s purpose is to unite stationery enthusiasts, so that they can celebrate their love for paper and pens.

National Stationery Week doesn’t only focus on stationery basics such as pens and papers; it also encompasses much more. National Stationery Week is an event you won’t want to miss, regardless of whether you love stamping or watercolor pencils.

National Stationery Week commissioned research as part of a YouGov survey and found interesting information about stationery enthusiasts. According to 92% of adults, taking the time to write by hand, is an essential skill that should be celebrated and taken seriously. 97% of adults think it’s important to teach children how to properly write, not just type on computers.

National Stationery Week’s greatest feature is its celebration of the written word and all things stationery related. Not only is writing celebrated, but products that make it possible.

National Stationery Week’s goal has been to encourage people to write and to talk about the importance the written word. This week focuses on the importance of writing letters and not texting or sending emails constantly.

National Stationery Week encourages people to write by hand and promotes the use of pens and paper over tablets and laptops. Encourage others to share their favourite stationery items. This includes their favorite notepad brands, their must-have pencils, sharpeners and any other stuff they have in their pencil cases. National Stationery Week is a great opportunity for stationery lovers to discover what other people keep in their pencil cases, and then decide which items they consider essential.

There is a real danger that the art and craft of writing will disappear in a world where people prefer to use a keyboard over handwriting. National Stationery Week is a celebration that highlights the importance of handwriting and demonstrates how it can be used to type everything on a computer.

Handwriting could become as obsolete as town crying, lamp-lighting or door-to-door selling. People will eventually use only typing to write down their thoughts, which would be a serious loss. It is for this reason that every day, week, or month that recognizes the value of the written word is so important.

Stationery lovers from all over the world tend to celebrate National Stationery Week through spreading the word about the week and what it is about. Over 20,000 people on Facebook and Twitter participated in last year’s celebrations using various hashtags.

A number of predetermined hashtags were created this year with each one being associated with a specific day of the week. These include:

Monday – #makeanotemonday Tuesday – #pencilday Wednesday – #worldstationeryday Thursday – #letsgetcreative Friday – #Fountainpenfriday Saturday – #stationeryshopsaturday Sunday – #sendaletterday

National Stationery Week receives a lot in free publicity from schools, universities and businesses around the world. They all participate by sharing social media posts and working together on projects related to the celebrations.

You can save 17 trees, 26,000 liters water and 700 gallons oil by recycling a tone of paper. This shows that stationery lovers who choose to recycle paper for notebooks and jotters can make a difference in the world.

Fun fact: Paper was first made in China 100 BC. However, the Han Dynasty’s first commercial paper-making operation was launched in 105 AD. It replaced papyrus, parchment, which were used for thousands of year.

Another cool fact about pen is that it derives its name from penna, a Latin word meaning feather. This is because penna was how people used to write, using ink and feathers. Penne pasta is named after the tip of a quill.

Did you know that pencils began as graphite sticks wrapped in string. Bread was once used as an eraser.

Over 5000 years ago, the first inks were invented. They used ingredients such as soot and gelatine derived from donkey skin. Today’s ink is made entirely from dyes and is cruelty-free.

Did you know that wild chimpanzees have been seen sharpening rocks with sticks and using these to make marks on rocks? Many stationery enthusiasts believe that chimpanzees have the same passion for writing as people.

Celebrate National Stationery Week with fellow stationery lovers.


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