National STEM/STEAM Day

Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Mathematics. These spaces are growing at an incredible rate and have a strong influence on changing the culture around the world.

These academic disciplines are often combined using the acronym STEM/STEAM (Art is a recent addition). They share strong similarities in education, policy, and workforce. It’s National STEM/STEAM Day.

MGA Entertainment founded National STEM/STEAM Day in 2015. It was established with the intent of encouraging and inspiring students to get involved in STEM/STEAM fields of study, education, and work. The day is targeted at minorities and women who have historically been underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Today, STEM occupations account for about 7% of all jobs in America. This number is expected to rise. These roles are crucial in America’s ability in the global market in fields such as medical science, engineering and sociology.

Participate in community activities to celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day and encourage those who may want to be mathematicians or engineers, scientists, artists, or scientists!

National STEM/STEAM Day celebrates this day but also aims to build a better future by encouraging the scientists, engineers, and artists of tomorrow. You can observe the day by implementing these ideas.

National STEM/STEAM Day’s main focus is education. This is the ideal time to take a class in one these disciplines. Take a class in science at your local community college. Take an online course in mathematics. You can also take an art class in your community, just for fun!

People who have an influence on the lives of children should be aware of National STEM/STEAM Day. Encourage them to pursue their scientific interests. Encourage them to pursue art. Keep them motivated if they are prone to inventing strange things.

Children who are supported by adults in their lives will be more inclined to continue in STEM/STEAM, whether it’s through taking science classes at school or joining the Lego club.

Visit a local museum to learn, grow, and experience the worlds of science, engineering and art in celebration of National STEM/STEAM Day. You can try one such as the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, or the Grohmann Museum at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

You can also visit Manhattan, New York City, to see the MoMath (National Museum of Mathematics). While you’re in New York, make sure to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s a great way to celebrate!


Aug 11 2024


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