National Straw Hat Day

National Straw Hat Day

What makes a simple garment like a straw hat a fashion item? We have the answer. There are many styles and techniques that can be used to make straw hats, which can be found in nearly every culture around the globe. You may be surprised at the reasons they are still used, and the persistence with which they have remained an iconic piece of attire well into the 21st century. These amazing headwear are celebrated on National Straw Hat Day. Let’s continue our discussion.

We are not exaggerating when we say that straw hats have a long history and are part of almost every culture on the planet. Straw hats can be traced back to the Middle Ages in the West, as well as the Orient. Many styles have been created since then. Some of these are so significant that they are now indelibly linked to a culture, a place, or even a person.

The Panama Hat is a symbol of American president Theodore Roosevelt. He was the one who built the Panama Canal and also the inspiration for the “Teddy Bear”. The mokorotlo is a traditional hat worn by the Sotho (South Africa and Lesotho) population. The straw hat is so integral to their culture, it has been made their national symbol and even appears on their flags and license plates.

These hats have a great flexibility and are perfect for anyone who needs to protect their head from the sun. If you live in a wet climate, and need something to protect your head from the rains, you can choose a tightly woven straw cap like those made in Japan or China. There are many uses and designs for these hats.

National Straw Hat Day can be celebrated by getting a new straw cap! They come in many sizes, shapes, and materials. Straw Day allows you to choose from a traditional straw straw hat or one made from wheat straw. Or, go exotic with the Baku Straw made from stalks from the Talipot Palm. If you feel adventurous, you can make your own!

You will need these items to make your straw hat to celebrate the occasion:

First, you’ll need graph paper to draw the design of the hat you want to make. You have the option to create your own design or use a historical design. Or, you can search for a copy online. Draw the heat at scale so that every square of graph paper equals one inch. This will make it much easier to create the hat.

After you’ve drawn your straw hat onto graph paper, transfer it to cardboard. You will now need to draw the pattern pieces. However, they must be drawn at the right scale. Tape will be used to attach all the pieces to your straw hat design. You may need to make some adjustments at this point before you can continue.

The straw braid is next. You can purchase this item at a craft or fabric store. It is possible that you decide to take apart a straw-based item in your home. You could pick up placemats or an old straw hat you want to refashion. You should be careful when removing these items, as you don’t want to damage the straw braid.

The cardboard pattern pieces can be used as a guide. Lay the straw braid flat and coil it around in a small circular shape. Secure the braid by stitching through the edges with the thread. Continue sewing the braid until you reach a matching pattern.

Attach the plaits to your crown at a 90° angle. Continue working until you have created the side panels. To ensure that the hat fits you properly, you should keep it on your head as you make it.

You will need to create the brim by working your way from the hat opening towards the outside of brim. After you have created all the pieces, you can sew them together with the raw edges and seams on the interior. The brim opening must be adjusted. This should not be too tight. You should now have a beautiful straw hat that you are proud to wear!


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