National Strawberry Cream Pie Day

National Strawberry Cream Pie Day

National Strawberry Cream Pie Day is a celebration of the creation of one of the most delicious treats in the world. This is more than a feat of flavor artistry. However, there are few things as delicious as the sweetened cream and tart flavor of freshly ripened strawberries. These were an integral part of growing up. For others, they are a wonderful treat to be enjoyed. National Strawberry Cream Pie Day allows both sides to enjoy this delicious treat again and again.

The garden strawberry we now know was first developed in Brittany (France) in the 1750’s through a cross between Fragaria virginiana (Virginia strawberry), from eastern North America, and Fragaria Chiloensis, which was imported from Chile by Amedee Francois Frezier in 1714. It is widely appreciated for its distinctive aroma, bright color and sweetness. The fruit can be used in many products today, including milkshakes and fruit juice.

The best things in life are the most valuable. Cream is an excellent example. Sweet cream is the best cream to make strawberry cream pie. This cream was made from cream separated from milk and not from cream skimmed from whey during cheese making. This rich, luxuriant, and light-colored cream is the perfect complement to the vibrant red strawberry color. It can be combined with strawberries for a strawberry cream pie that will make you feel like heaven.

Ask your local bakery to make you a delicious strawberry cream pie. Then, take it home with you and share it with your friends. You can eat it all yourself. Or you can make your own. The simplest version can be made using a box from the grocery store. It consists of a cream pie filling and an instant crust. However, we encourage you to try something bold and find a recipe like the one at Taste of Home.


Sep 01 - 28 2024


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