National Submarine Day

National Submarine Day

How low…can you go? What is the lowest you can go? We think it’s quite low when it comes to National Submarine Day.

Cornelius Drebbel built the first submersible known to man. It was built for James I of England in 1620. We are not sure why anyone would wish to dive beneath the surface of the 17th-century Thames. The USS Holland was the first submarine that the American Government commissioned. It was purchased on April 11, 1900. The USS Holland was the first US Navy commissioned submarine. It was named after John Philip Holland, an Irish-American inventor. However, it was not the first submarine to be commissioned by the US Navy. That was the 1862 Alligator. Holland VI was the original name of the boat, and it was launched on 17 May 1897.

Submarines today are far more advanced than the oar-powered contraption. They have been a major part of military operations for more than a century. It is amazing how much expertise goes into designing, building, maintaining, and operating them. This is especially true when you consider the addition of navigation and communication networks, sensors, armaments, and weaponry, powerful propulsion systems, and a large number rigorously trained, highly skilled men, who often risk their lives to protect their country.

Today can be seen in many ways. We can think of the genius and power of the submarine. Its place in modern society can be celebrated. It’s possible to imagine how they will look in 100 years. We can also take a moment and think about the many lost at sea over time, and give thanks for the bravery of those who live beneath the waves right now.


Nov 04 2024


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