National Superhero Day

National Superhero Day

In 1936, the first comic strip published a story about a fictional superhero. Then in 1940, a female counterpart was introduced (Fantomah). Since then hundreds more have been created and improved. When we think about Superheroes, what comes to our minds is a man with special powers wearing a tight spandex suit, often brightly colored and garishly patterned. The underwear is always on the outside.

Although caped crusaders or masked vigilantes may be one type of superhero, they are not the only type.

There are many other superheroes out there, some less well-known but equally important. These heroes include firefighters, police officers and hospital workers. Sometimes they wear the clothes of a father or mother who is hard at work.

National Superhero Day reminds people around the globe that super-heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Being one is more about courage of the heart than actual super-powers.

National Superhero Day is a great time to recognize and celebrate the heroes in this life!

In 1995, National Superhero Day was founded by employees of Marvel Comics who went out into the world and asked children what superpowers they wanted to possess if possible. Surprisingly, the results showed that these children were more interested in superheroes in their lives and how they looked like normal people.

National Superhero Day reminds us that superheroes are often everyday people who step up to help when dangers arise. This ideal can be passed on to our daily lives.

Every day, people face challenges in their daily lives to protect others from crime and fire. The list of real-life superheroes doesn’t end there.

Superheroes can include those who help the homeless by providing food and clothing, as well as comforting the grieving, or even stopping to fix a car’s tire.

National Superhero Day is a great time to look out for these super heroes in disguise, and to show your appreciation!

It can be great fun to celebrate National Superhero Day! These ideas will help you recognize and celebrate all types of heroes.

Make a National Superhero Day event that honors everyday heroes. Everyone should wear their favorite superhero costume to work and school. Let them tell why they love this hero. Make sure to recognize and honor special heroes in the group.

You can organize a group of citizens to say ‘thanks’ to your local heroes, whether it’s a school, youth group, book club or scout troop.

Make thank you cards, posters or small gifts together and take them to the local police station, fire station, teacher’s lounge, hospital, or police station. Small gestures of appreciation can make a big difference to people who contribute to society every day.

In the past, National Superhero Day celebrations have featured volunteers dressed as superheroes from comics or films who visit children’s hospitals in costumes such as Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Superman, and other fictional characters. It brings joy to the kids and gives thanks to the staff (doctors, nurses and other staff) who volunteer or work at children’s hospitals. They give so much to children in need.

To celebrate National Superhero Day, it is a great idea to connect with your inner superhero. Instead of thinking that “someone should do this”, keep your eyes open for people in need. There are many ways that people can be heroes in every day life, from sharing lunch with someone who forgot his or helping someone change their tire.


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