National Swimming Pool Day

National Swimming Pool Day

Enjoy some sun, soak up the rays and take a dip in the pool at your local swimming pool on National Swimming Pool Day.

Although pools were first built to be baths in antiquity, some of them could have been used as swimming pool as early as 3000 BC. Two pools were constructed in Sri Lanka in the fourth century. They were decorated with a scroll design and a series of steps.

The ancient Greeks and Romans used swimming pools to exercise, while some Roman emperors may have even kept their pools stocked with fish. The first heated pool was constructed in Rome in the first century BC.

In 1742, London’s first indoor swimming pool was opened. The Bagino was a pool that was only open to men who were able to pay one guinea. It was not allowed for ladies. The pool was heated and cold, with ‘waiters’ available to teach swimming lessons.

The Olympic games, which were revived in modern times in 1896, included swimming races. This helped to spread the popularity and use of swimming pools around the globe. National Swimming Pool Day was first celebrated in 2016, and has continued to be a joyous celebration every year!

Are you looking for ways to celebrate National Swimming Pool Day? These are some ideas to get you started:

We searched the web for the best, most funny, and even the most silly products for swimmers, pool-goers, and water babies of all stripes.

The first order of business for National Swimming Pool Day, obviously, is to get in your swimming costume and go for a swim at a local pool. You can go to any pool you like, whether it is yours or one owned by a friend.

You can jump off the diving board, do the backstroke or play water volleyball. You could also play a silly round “Marco Polo”, which is basically blind hide-and-seek at the pool.

Swimming by itself can be enjoyable. You can make it even more fun by adding accessories to your swimming pool. To help the children’s arms, bring along some floatie wings. Pool noodles, beach balls and water frisbees are all good options.

People might be tempted to install a swimming-pool in their own backyard to celebrate National Swimming Pool Day. It would be great fun for the kids and adults, too.

It might be possible to install a fully-fledged below-ground pool with options for swimming laps. This depends on how big your property is. For those who have a smaller yard, an above-ground swimming pool might be a better option. You can choose salt water over chlorine to maintain water safety.


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