National System Administrator Appreciation Day

National System Administrator Appreciation Day

National System Administrator Day is an international celebration to recognize sysadmins around the world. It’s official recognition of geekdom as well as the effort these tech-therapists and device-doctors put in while working their magic during unsocial hours.

Ted Kekatos, a typical representative of his trade, claimed that the last Friday of July should be the day that his global techie group was recognized for being the irreplaceable printer-proficient and gadget-genius, software-savvy computer crackerjacks, and widget whizzes they are.

Sysadmin Day is a day when system administrators get to enjoy a feast in appreciation of their work. It is a long-standing tradition that system administrators are given gadgets and coffee, so that their coworkers can do their jobs on this solemn day.

National System Administrators Day is not a day for sysadmins to raise a hand unless it’s to point out to their co-workers where they should stick their cables or which buttons to press.


Jul 29 2024


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