National Taco Day

National Taco Day

Tacos can be described as the Mexican equivalent to a sandwich. A hard or soft tortilla is used instead of bread and wrapped around a spicy filling. These little pockets of goodness, which are folded in half, can be used as a sandwich substitute.

This is your chance to discover why. It’s National Taco Day!

Although it isn’t known when exactly this delicious food was first created, tacos have been around since the beginning of time. Although they were first called tacos at the end 19th century, the Conquistador Cortez referred to them as a meal made with tortillas back in 1520.

This would have meant a type or soft wheat tortilla. Hard taco shells are an innovation that has been around for a while. As Americans discovered this delicious food, it evolved and morphed into something more than a food. National Taco Day was born. To commemorate the great institution of the taco.

Although some may celebrate this delicious Mexican dish every Tuesday on Taco Tuesdays, there is an annual National Taco Day. Enjoy the beauty and delicious taste of the taco, and get ready to celebrate!

It’s easy to celebrate National Taco Day with so many options. These ideas will inspire you:

This is not a reference to Taco Bell. It is crucial to find authentic and genuine Mexican restaurants on this day. This should be a local restaurant with a chef who is truly Mexican.

A true Mexican restaurant will offer authentic tacos that are different from those at Americanized joints. These authentic tacos will contain soft corn tortillas that have been baked or deep-fried and are filled with meat.

There will be three meat choices: “Pollo”, which means chicken, “pastor”, which is pork, and “barbacoa,” which is often made with beef. There is no ground beef! The meat has been slow-cooked to perfection with spices that enhance the flavor.

A selection of toppings can be added to the meat, including onions, pico de gallo or sliced radishes and cucumbers. They must be served with fresh squeezed lime juice just before they are eaten. Delicious!

Taco Day is celebrated with friends by hosting taco parties. The main activity, one of these parties and the food are all the same: Tacos! It’s all part of the fun to make them and eat them.

Tacos can be made in many ways, whether you are making them at home or at a gathering. You can start by making a base of meat, chicken, fish or seafood. Then, mix and match your favorite toppings.

You can add additional flavor to your favorite combination of sour, guacamole and lettuce.

Although most people know what a taco looks like, there are endless possibilities for creative ideas. Anything can be made into a taco as long as it fits in a small pocket. These unique taco recipes will add a little more flair to National Taco Day.

There’s nothing wrong in adding some sweetness to a meal. This dish can be transformed into something that is dessert-worthy using many different ingredients.

Some Mexican-themed restaurants might offer specials in celebration of National Taco Day, depending on where they are located. These deals can vary from year to year but here are some past National Taco Days offers:


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