National Take a Hike Day

National Take a Hike Day

Although there are many things to say about Take a Hike Day (and other topics), this excerpt from Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild: From Lost to Found along the Pacific Crest Trail seems to sum it all perfectly.

The American Hiking Society established Take a Hike Day with the goal of encouraging people, families, and friends to go out into the wilderness and experience what it is like to be far from it all. Hiking helps people reconnect with nature and is a great way to keep your heart and body healthy.

It should not be a rush to go hiking. It shouldn’t be an unplanned journey, but one that is done in a hurry. Instead, listen to your body and heart. When you feel restless, head for the hills. When you feel tired, let the body take in the surroundings.

Take a Hike Day was established to remind people that humans are both wild and civilized. Sometimes it is good for the wild heart to go home and explore the depths of the natural world.

It’s easy to see that the best way to celebrate this day is right in the name. Get out there, get moving, and go for a hike. You can also come up with other ways to honor and observe this day:

There are many places you can hike from your backyard to remote and exotic locations. Be sure to notice the stunning surroundings as you hike. These include the majestic trees above and the mysterious creatures that live in the mountains and distant glades. The first step in a hike is to connect with nature. Do not rush!

Many people are surprised by the hidden treasures that can be found under the tree canopy or under a bush. Take a Hike Day offers the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the most important things in life, the fresh air, the blue sky and the rich, underfoot earth.

A short hike can be calming and therapeutic. For serious hiking, you should always have at least one companion. The more, the better! You should choose a hiking buddy that moves at the same pace as you, appreciates nature in a similar way, and can talk or be quiet when needed.

Are you looking for a hiking friend? Contact the local park ranger to find out more about safe hiking groups.

You want to keep up-to-date with the latest information about hiking and stay connected? American Hiking Society (AHS), might be the right place for you. Register on their website to get a monthly membership at a low price, be a NextGen trail leader or ambassador, and take part in a Volunteer Vacation. AHS provides many opportunities for hikers, and also works to preserve trails and promote hiking access.


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