National Take the Stairs Day

National Take the Stairs Day

January is a new year. It’s a great month to begin new habits that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. National Take the Stairs Day can be a great way to make small changes that will have a big impact.

In 2016, the first National Take the Stairs Day was celebrated. Since then, it has been observed every year. This day is supported by the American Lung Association (ALA). It’s part of an effort for people to have healthier lungs. National Take the Stairs Day is promoted by chapters of the ALA throughout the US. They host events and activities to support lung health.

The American Lung Association encourages you to sign up to take part in the Fight for Air Climb, a fund-raising event. These charity events are held in various areas across the US, where participants can climb stairs at some of the top skyscrapers in the US.

There are 42 versions of Fight for Air Climb. It’s a great way for participants to get involved in a community event that’s good for their physical health, and also supports a good cause: lung health. Participants can climb stairs in places like San Francisco, CA, Dallas, TX, Providence, RI, or New York, NY. In honor of National Take the Stairs Day, some of these events might offer discounts on fees.

Start training for these events now by starting a new routine in celebration of National Take the Stairs Day

National Take the Stairs Day has many fun ways to celebrate this day, as well as other events throughout the year. These are some ideas to get you started:

National Take the Stairs Day’s first order of business is to get up the stairs and forgo the elevator. Some people have become so used to using the elevator at work that they don’t know where the staircase is. This is the perfect time to find out!

Don’t be one of those people who is just waiting to get up in an elevator. Open the door to the staircase and start living a healthier lifestyle.

Are you excited to see stairwells filled with people celebrating National Take the Stairs Day at work? Organise an event to spread the word and increase awareness about the day. The official day can be used as a kickoff to a month-long, or even a year-long campaign to make your workplace safer.

To encourage people to sign up for National Take the Stairs Day, print flyers and place them in the breakroom. On the kickoff day, make sure to put a sign at the elevator reminding participants to use the stairwell to keep their commitment. Don’t forget to give incentives and prizes to encourage people to participate!

Download an app for your smartphone to get into the National Take the Stairs Day spirit. It will keep track of how many stairs have been climbed each and every day. What is the ideal number of steps to climb every day?

The American Heart Association states that a person should be doing 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes vigorous aerobic activity each week to maintain or lose weight. You can reach these goals by simply climbing ten flights of stairs each day.

Get out your step counter and start climbing!

The Empire State Building Run Up is a great way to get in on the National Take the Stairs Day fun and get a great workout. Participants can race up the tower’s iconic 86 flights of stairs in the most popular tower race in the world. This is approximately 1/4 mile and equals 1576 steps.

The inaugural tower run took place in 1978. Gary Muhrcke won it. He was also the first winner in the 1970 New York City Marathon. The climb takes about 10 minutes and the runners who are fastest complete the scenic run around the observation deck, which offers a stunning view of New York City. Register for the few spaces that are available at the Empire State Building Run Up.


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