National Tea Day

National Tea Day

This is the best sentiment for a cup of tea. Tea is a delicious drink, available in many different flavors with a unique personality. Tea has been used in many ways, from morning libations to central elements of religious and social rituals.

This incredible drink is so vital that it was taxed. It was the last straw that sparked a nation to declare revolution. National Tea Day is a celebration of this amazing beverage and the seemingly limitless list of things it can accomplish.

Although the History of National Tea Day spans a lot of history, it can be narrowed to a precise place of origin.

This intersection is at Latitude 29N, Longitude 98E. It is notable for the joining of NE India and Burma, China and Tibet. There are many mythological origins of tea, some of which are merely fascinating and some that are quite horrific.

One time in China, the Emperor ordered that everyone boil their water before they drank it. It was so that, as the Emperor was drinking a cup of boiling water from his home, leaves from a nearby tree were blowing into the water. This created the first cup of tea.

Another story tells of a man who meditated in front a wall for nine years. He accidentally fell asleep. He woke up so upset at his inability to sleep that he ripped his eyelids. The first tea bushes were born from his tears. It was a little strange, but it was very Asian.

It doesn’t matter where it came from (which might be in dispute), tea is of vital importance. It is highly recommended that everyone research the history of tea as it is impossible to do so here.

Let’s now take a closer look at tea and what it isn’t. Tea is an infusion made from the Camellia Sinensis leaves, an Asian evergreen that is unassuming. These leaves are what tea is technically.

This means that infusions made from herbs other than those containing the Camellia Sinensis leaves aren’t teas. Tea can only be properly called if they contain Camellia Sinensis tea leaves. Tea is second in consumption in the world after water. It seems that accuracy is a must.

However, tea is a term that has become synonymous with many other things. Many people enjoy it so much, and many traditions have evolved. This is the essence of National Tea Day. Sharing a large cup of tea is a good idea.

National Tea Day recognizes several dates, as it covers a wide range of cultures and sources. The UK’s National Tea Day is April 21. The UN added National Tea Day one month later. Another National Tea Day falls in December. There are days for Iced Teas, Bubble Tea, and Chai. There are even whole months for Earl Grey Tea, Iced Tea, and Chai.

Tea celebrations should be celebrated throughout the year, it seems. Tea is second most popular drink in the world, after water. No one can complain.

There are literally hundreds of types of tea, from simple dried and cured varieties to more complex ones that require long stays in caves. There are so many tea varieties that it is almost impossible to imagine! National Tea Day is the ideal time to discover new varieties.

Tea is considered authentic in certain countries if it’s brewed hot. Other cultures have taken the idea and made tea cold. Iced tea in the United States is, for example, served in tall glasses. It is sold by the gallon in most stores, but it is almost never sold in the north. It is very sweet.

No matter what the situation, National Tea Day’s first order of business is to sit down and enjoy a cup in whatever form you prefer.

People from outside the UK don’t have to miss out on all the fun. You can host a National Tea Day party at your home, work, or community. Gather your friends and colleagues together to make a variety of teas. It’s a great opportunity to call the friend with the most diverse collection of teapots.

Many people are switching to loose leaf tea, or at the very least, compostable tea bags, because most tea bags made from plastic are harmful for the environment. Some tea companies promote sustainability and eco-friendliness when producing their teas, such as:


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