National Teaching Assistants Day


National Teaching Assistants’ Day is an awareness day taking place on 16 September. Schools across the UK celebrate their own TAs and nominate their favourites for our Teaching Assistant of the Year award.

Here are some facts about Teaching Assistants:

– Did you know that the number of Teaching Assistants in the UK increased from 71,800 in 2002 to 134,100 in 2011? Wow!

– Teaching Assistants are appreciated by parents and they can act as a bridge between home and school

– They are an extra pair of eyes in the classroom

– They are invaluable to teachers‚and they support teachers‚effectiveness

– And, where children have special needs 43% of parents with autistic children want more Teaching Assistants.

The day was created by Teaching Personnel who work with thousands of Teaching Assistants each year. And that’s why the day is a celebration of all Teaching Assistants.

So on 16 September every year, Teaching Personnel and selected partners plan activities and promotions for the day and encourage all schools, teachers, parents, carers and children to share in a celebration of the often remarkable work carried out by Teaching Assistants.

If you want to find out more about Teaching Assistants then visit the National Teaching Assistants Day website for more information.

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