National Tell An Old Joke Day

National Tell An Old Joke Day

Everyone knows someone who every day is National Tell An Old Joke Day. But there’s a day where we can all forget our inhibitions and get down to business with our own I say,I say,I say’ and Knock, knock’ slang.

National Tell An Old Joke Day allows you to rescue the anxious wreck from its quivering depths. Bring the horrible-smelling, noseless dog home from the cold and push the button for the chicken that will remain stuck at the pedestrian crossing forever. Old jokes, like any endangered species, must be reproduced if they are to survive. The best ones, however, are the best.

While there may be much groaning among initiates, there is no joke so old that not at least one person hasn‚Äôt heard it yet. They shouldn’t be allowed to suffer the same suffering as the rest of us.


Jul 24 2024


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