National Thank God It’s Monday Day

National Thank God It’s Monday Day

A schoolchild once said, “Mondays are terrible enough, but why must they be at the beginning of the week?” But if everyone does the right thing, Thank God It’s Monday Day will show us how working life can be. You can have a charity bake sale, a team lunch, or just a walk around the block. There’s no need to talk business. Morale can be raised by organizing a bake sale, a team lunch or a stroll around the block. Many companies offer to help organize trips or learning days. Music, activity, and visual arts stimulate the mind more than we realize. Even if you’re not really a high-fives-at-the-breakfast-table family, children and parents can play an equal part. Teachers, who are often as depressing as everyone else, won’t need much encouragement to make Monday a fun, positive day. Although Monday can be difficult for many people, it is possible to see Monday from a different perspective. Monday is a day for new beginnings. Couples usually get married on weekends so Monday is the day they start their new lives together. Many new jobs start on Mondays. Many public holidays are held on Mondays. This means that many special events are happening on Mondays throughout each year. It is important to see the good in Mondays and not the bad. You will experience at least 52 Mondays throughout the year (sometimes 53!). This gives you 52 chances to spend time with loved ones and meet new people. This gives you 52 opportunities to learn new skills or see beautiful sunrises. These are all things we should be grateful for. She created the Monday Day to pay tribute to the start of the week. People should see Monday as a day of possibility and be grateful for it. Positive thinking is key to a positive start to your week. Find something positive to do this day. Get outside and take in the beauty of nature. Call a friend and make plans to meet up for coffee. You could also start that project you’ve been wanting to do for a while. Do something that makes you happy. This is what Thank God Its Monday Day is all for! You can also use Thank God it’s Monday Day as a way to show your appreciation for someone you care about. Send a greeting card or bake a cake to lift someone’s spirits. Many people are affected by anxiety and depression and Mondays can be hard for them. It is important to help these people through difficult days. A simple gesture or a few kind words can make a big difference. Invite your family and friends to share something special on this day. Enjoy some delicious food and ask everyone to bring a glass of wine. Enjoy the day by dancing to the music and meeting up with those you love most. It doesn’t matter how much or little you dislike Mondays; if you are surrounded by people you love, you’re likely to enjoy them. Another great way to celebrate Monday is to allow yourself something that you wouldn’t normally have on Monday. Instead of ordering take-out on weekends, make Monday night a take-out evening. If you know you won’t have to cook dinner when you get home, you will be able to enjoy your favorite take-out food at work. This is a great opportunity to show appreciation to your employees and let them know that you understand how hard it can be to get to work every day. Even something as simple as giving baked goodies to your employees can be a great gesture. You can make sure your employees have some baked goodies on hand for lunch.


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