National Thank You Note Day

National Thank You Note Day

Thank You Notes are the cards that we see on store shelves. Some are filled with silly tunes, while others have words that carry a lot of meaning. These cards have been around as long as our memory can recall, but do you know their true history and where they came from? Let’s dig deep into the past and discover the truth about the origin of these cards.

These two groups used papyrus papers to send letters of friendship and good luck to their loved ones, starting in ancient Egypt and China. Let’s now go back in time to the 1800’s. This is when Europeans used papyrus papers to write social notes and send them to their friends and family. This was the start of the greeting card. Let’s not lose sight of the reason we are here, the history behind these notes.

After the Europeans started using greeting cards, Louis Prang, a Prussian Silesia-born man who was later to be known as Louis Prang, fled the Prussian Government and emigrated from Switzerland to America in 1850. We might wonder why he was being pursued by his government. In 1848, he was involved in revolutionary activities. After settling down in Boston, Massachusetts, Prang started to make and sell greeting cards to Europe’s popular market. He also began selling Christmas cards in America in 1874. Since then, both thank you and Christmas cards have grown in popularity all over the globe.

It’s easy to celebrate National Thank You Note Day if you take the time. It only requires us to spend time with our families and/or close friends. Once that is done, we can simply pass out cards and notes to thank our loved ones for their gifts and the love we share every day. National Thank You Note Day, a fun and wonderful holiday, makes spending time with family members more joyful, enjoyable, and overall happier.


Dec 26 2024


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