National That Sucks! Day

National That Sucks! Day

Sometimes, you have to just accept the fact that the entire world is a huge suckfest. You wake up, get dressed and have your coffee.

Everything is horrible and everyone who says otherwise is selling you something. This Day of Sucks is a way to raise awareness and to disarm those pessimist optimists that no one likes.

It seems that That Sucks Day was born out of nothing as a vindictive devotion to all things that stink. They have sought to be an example of all that is bad and wrong throughout the history of the holiday, and That Sucks LLC that sponsored it. They recognize historical figures, sometimes of uncertain existence, who have stood out as examples of suckage around the globe.

Characters such as the terrible seer Nostrasuckus, who rather than forecasting a wide range of events, specialized in telling us when things would go sour. He was, however, an oddly terrible seer. None of his predictions have been fulfilled. This is difficult to believe considering the amount of crap in the world.

Evangelista Torricelli, who proved that vacuum was the best suckage technology, is also a must-see. This vacuum was then followed by the invention the vacuum pump. There were many new methods of sucking, even if the world had never sucked before.

Did we mention that the American Tax Day and the Sinking of the Titanic were all held on National That Sucks! Day? It isn’t that bad.

First, you might visit to learn more about the organization that acts as the most prominent watchdog on history and the present. They will continue cataloguing the things that are being sucked far into the future.

People sometimes get lazy and give up, but that doesn’t mean they are able to stop sucking. You can find the history of suckage and little sayings called “suckisms”, to help you get through a bad day. And of course, no life is complete without a selection of suckumentaries about people who have lived, died, and sucked away every moment of your life. National That Sucks! You have the opportunity to change your bright disposition and let everyone know that “That Sucks!”


Apr 15 2025


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