National Tie Month

National Tie Month

Think about it for a moment. Imagine a strong man who is in control of his life and the world. Reliable, trustworthy, and the symbol of trustworthiness in an age where many have forgotten what it means to be trustworthy.

You’ll be able to picture a man wearing a tie and a suit, which is what you have just done. National Tie Month is a holiday that recognizes the importance of the necktie.

The tie is so important that it is given an entire month. This is in contrast to the poor socks which are only remembered for their lack of wearing. What is the significance of the tie? How did it become a symbol of power and distinction. It all started in the 1600’s, during the Croatian War, when the Parisian fashion culture was captivated by the mercenaries’ cravats.

The cravat remained as an exclusive item until it was redesigned and transformed into the Steinkirk. The cravat was so essential that no one would consider going anywhere without it, even to battle. The Battle of Steinkirk saw the princes put on their cravats in a hurry and tied them through a button hole. This simple adaptation can be traced back to the origins and evolution of the neck-tie today with a little imagination.

The modern tie was introduced in late 1800s, shortly after the invention of the ascot. The tie, like its ancestors, was worn by the powerful and influential for hundreds of years. It became synonymous with serious men who do serious business. It is no surprise that CEO’s, professors, and serious job-seekers (even Jesse Pinkman, in his short dance of legitimacy) all use the same item to demonstrate their ability to be upstanding men on upstanding businesses.

It’s easy to celebrate National Tie Month. When you get ready to go, make sure to choose the right tie. Are you lacking a tie? You don’t have a tie? We strongly recommend that you do not purchase a cornflower-blue tie.


Dec 01 - 31 2024


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