National Tim Tam Day

National Tim Tam Day

Each country has a special treat that is so iconic that it almost defines the culture. The Apple Pie is the most popular American treat. However, when people think about England they immediately think of Scones. But if you look down to Australia, the Tim Tam really stands out. Although Tim Tams can be found in many countries around the globe, it is Australia that Tim Tams call home. National Tim Tam Day was created to celebrate this famous treat and the country that it hails from.

Tim Tam was made in 1958 by Ian Norris of Arnott’s. It was designed in true Australian style. What does that mean? He was going to England to learn how to make proper biscuits. With his eyes fixed on the “Penguin Biscuit”, he set out to create a better one. They would become a huge success in 1964. What is a Tim Tam? Two chocolate malted biscuits are dipped in milk chocolate and filled with fluffy cream. What’s not love about this?

Tim Tams’ origin story is one of the most interesting bits of information. Ross Arnott was an avid horse racing fan and named the new treat after the Kentucky Derby winner in 1958. The Tim Tam was born. A horse’s name was immortalized in an Australian sweet. Legends are born out of such things. They’ve been wildly popular in Australia and have spread all over the globe, but they never forget where they are from.

It’s easy to celebrate National Tim Tam Day by simply picking up a box (or ordering them online if they aren’t available in your country) then eating the entire package in one sitting. We wouldn’t mind you eating the entire box in one sitting. Another way is to take part in the Tim Tam Slam, a traditional Tim Tam experience. How does this work? It’s simple: you take one end of the Tim Tam and use the other as a straw to pour your beverage. You can’t get a better Tim Tam than this!


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