National Toilet Paper Day

National Toilet Paper Day

People have used many different ways to maintain their toilet hygiene throughout history. There have been many natural items, such as leaves, corn cobs and sponges, that have been used in a communal manner.

In China, toilet paper was first used in the 6th century. The Chinese made significant improvements in toilet care by the 14th Century, creating special toilet paper that people could use for their wiping needs. It is believed that at least 10,000,000 packages of toilet paper were produced each year by the Chinese culture.

The Chinese royalty were able to use special toilet paper during this period. Each sheet of toilet paper made for the Emperor was perfumed in 1391.

During the 18th Century, newspapers and magazines were popular in the West. They were read frequently and then re-purposed to be used in the Water Closet (WC). The Farmer’s Almanac and the Sears Catalog were two famous forms of paper that ended up in the toilet. Farmer’s Almanac is said to have predrilled holes in the tops of its books in 1919 to enable people to hang them from their outhouse walls.

Toilet paper that was commercially available became common in the United States in the mid-1800s. Joseph Gayetty, a New Yorker, began to produce what he called “Medicated Paper For the Water Closet”.

Toilet paper started to appear in perforated rolls at the end of 19th century. This made it easier for people to use and more convenient. Toilet paper was advertised as “splinter-free” by companies. Scott Paper Company was founded by the Scott brothers in 1879. It began selling rolls of toilet paper in 1890.

Many people take for granted that modern toilet paper is both soft and strong. National Toilet Paper Day is a day that can have a profound impact on almost all human beings on the planet. These are some ideas to get involved in the celebration:

Many have experienced panic when they run out of toilet paper. National Toilet Paper Day allows people to ensure they have what they need, regardless of whether it is due to difficulty getting to the store or shortages. A subscription will allow you to have toilet paper delivered straight to your door on a regular basis. This is a great alternative to hoarding.

National Toilet Paper Day offers a unique opportunity to find out more about toilet paper use and make the best decisions for your family. People don’t realize how much toilet paper can cause damage to the planet’s resources. Toilet paper is a global necessity that requires approximately 30,000 trees per day or 10,000,000 trees over the course of one year.

It is because of this that toilet paper made from recycled papers or other sustainable options does a tremendous favor for the environment. Many people in the world choose to forgo toilet paper entirely and instead use a bidet in the bathroom. This might not be practical for everyone.

In honor of National Toilet Paper Day (April 15th), take some time to examine the habits of your household in toilet paper and think about how you can improve them to lessen the environmental impact.

These sustainable options for toilet paper are worth a try:


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