National Tug of War Day

National Tug of War Day

The competitive sport of tug-of-war is well-known and has a long history. To win, two teams must hold one end of a long rope and pull the other towards themselves.

Many contests are held over bodies of water and muddy areas. The losing team often falls in. This is a far better option than the Viking version, when teams competed over a fire pit.

There are many ways to participate in tug-of-war. The world record for one tug-of-war was 1,574 participants. This popular event has its own day, National Tug of War Day.

On a day when many matches are taking place around the globe, cries of “heave” can be heard all over the world. This gives everyone a chance to cheer or take part in this timeless team sport.


Aug 27 2024


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