National Turkey Lovers’ Day

National Turkey Lovers’ Day

Do you ever feel like Thanksgiving is too far away? Or that it has been so long since you had the pleasure of eating a perfectly prepared turkey? We feel exactly what you are feeling. Thanksgiving may be our favorite holiday, but it’s not about turkey. Turkey Lovers Day encourages you not to limit your turkey consumption. Turkey has been an integral part of holiday cooking since the time that America first arrived at Plymouth Rock. Turkey is an American bird. It is native to Forests in Mexico and SE Canada. However, it is not a common way to prepare the turkey. You can bake, roast, smoke, or deep fry the turkey. This is a very unique way to cook it, but it can be dangerous. Go to the store and buy a Turkey. Place in the oven. Cook till done. Eat. It’s that simple. Turkeys can be used for more than just roasting. Make a soup by adding a variety of vegetables, such as onions, carrots, garlic and celery, to a large stockpot. Once the turkey is done, you can add the skeleton, leftover skin, and cook for four hours. Season with salt and pepper. You now have a wonderful turkey stock, which can be used to make soups, replace water in biscuits, and just about any other recipe you can think of.


Jun 19 2024


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