National TV Dinner Day

National TV Dinner Day

It has been the shining light of kindness in families’ homes since the invention of the television. They met to share their favorite shows and unwind at the conclusion of the day. TV Dinners were designed to ease the transition. They provide quick and easy meals for busy wives and a warm meal for husbands. Although American has changed a lot since then, National TV Dinner Day recognizes that quick and easy meals are still a vital part of our daily lives.

Swanson created the first frozen dinner that could be heated in a convection oven and eaten in 25 minutes in the 1950’s. There were many reasons why the TV Dinner was called that. The dinners came in trays that resembled TVs and the covers of the boxes featured a TV image. Perhaps the most compelling aspect is that these meals would fit nicely on a TV Tray. This allowed for people to enjoy one of America’s favourite pas-times, TV watching.

Although the original Thanksgiving dinner was simple, there are many options. Swanson began including desserts on a fourth portion of his tray in the 1960’s. Since then, there has been a positive explosion in options for dinner. For the busy consumer, there are many options available.

National TV Dinner Day can be celebrated by taking a break from cooking and picking up quick and easy recipes. We love the pepperoni pizza packs, but you also have the cheeseburger TV dinner and many other options. This is a great way to reminisce about your guilty pleasures and to feed your family a delicious meal that will allow you to enjoy your favorite TV shows again. You may have grown up eating TV dinners. Now it’s time to get some nostalgia!


Oct 09 2024


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