National Typewriter Day

Even though we may not be able to recall the exact sound, there is one sound that we all recognize. It is the mechanical clattering of a typewriter in action. It’s evoked in the soulless tapping keys of modern keyboards, and it is also recalled in sounds of the top of the keyboard world, a mechanical keyboard. None of these keyboards can match the beauty and grandeur of a real typewriter. National Typewriter Day is a celebration of this humble device, and the incredible pieces of literature it has brought us over the years.

The first typewriter was designed by an Italian printer in 1575. However, it never saw production. We have patents from Britain in 1714 from Mr. Henry Mill, which seem to be typewriters from the design. It was specifically described as being designed for that purpose. Although the device was made at some point, no production copies exist.

Agostino Fantoni, a blind sister writer, designed another example in 1802. Pietro Conti di Vilavegna created a third. The Ford Typewriter was the first model to go into production in 1895. The world has not looked back since then, as typewriters have found their way into both private homes and businesses.

Many of the greatest classics of the past 100 years were created on a computer typewriter. These include the first examples of Stephen King’s writing, Ernest Hemingway and the first examples of Stephen King. Name a professional writer who has written a piece of significance and the chances are that it was written on a computer typewriter. National Typewriter Day reminds readers that keyboards are not the only key to modern literature. However, the world in which we live was created on a typewriter.

Ask around to see if anyone you know owns a typewriter. Or, dig out your old one from the attic or closet. Learn to appreciate the sound and style of the typewriter. The steady clicking of keys will soon encourage creativity and inspire greatness. It also gives you a sense of fulfillment that is not possible with modern keyboards. You never know, you might end up writing your next great classic.


Jun 23 2024


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