National Umbrella Month

National Umbrella Month

The first umbrella was created over four thousand years ago. It is not clear if the inventor was trying to find a way to keep out the rain or beat the heat.

We do know how much we owe this invention. It’s been used for more than just weather. It is now a fashion accessory, a handy tool for photographers, and even a prop for jumping off buildings (this only works in movies). ).

It’s National Umbrella Month in March, so it’s a great idea to learn at least seven things that will help you get the most out this month.

While it wasn’t appropriate in 1800s for men to take umbrellas out on the streets, it is now acceptable for anyone to use umbrellas for whatever purpose they choose. As you celebrate umbrella month, remember this and all those who contributed to its modern design.


Mar 01 - 31 2025


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