National Unfriend Day

National Unfriend Day

Have you ever scrolled through Facebook and realized that half of the names appearing in your News Feed are not your friends? 1000 friends and counting Are you surrounded by posts from people you don’t know?

Are you tired of being bombarded 24 hours a days with TV show spoilers, self-indulgent selfies, game invitations, and endless photo sessions of a dog/baby/vacation? National Unfriend Day is the holiday for those who answered at least one of these questions.

“Unfriend “…maybe it’s time to start to understand how and when “to (un-)friend” became a verb after hundreds of years in which the word “friend” was a simple noun that you used to describe someone with whom you had a close relationship. The word “unfriend” is not even a word. Oxford Dictionary’s 2009 word-of-the year was “unfriend”, which it defined as “verb ‚Äì To remove someone from a “friend” on a social network site like Facebook.”

Christine Lindberg, Senior Lexicographer at Oxford’s US dictionary program explained Dictionary’s controversial choice by saying that Dictionary has both currency as well as potential longevity. Its meaning is well understood in the context of online social networking, making it an interesting choice as Word of the Year.

Jimmy Kimmel, a comedian, created National Unfriend Day to address the increasing trend of people using social media to collect ‘friends’ such as Pokemon cards. This led to a huge increase in people claiming they don’t know much about each other. National Unfriend Day is a great way to streamline your internet experience. It allows you to use your profile to stay in touch with the people you care about and preserves the true meaning of ‘friend’.

First, and perhaps ironically, you have a Facebook page that you can “like” which provides criteria for deciding who to unfriend. These are the people who ask you to lend them money that you will never see again, invite you to “like” any page they’re obsessed about this week, and complain about everything that happens. What are you waiting to do?

You can celebrate National Unfriend Day with this judgment-free opportunity to get rid of total strangers from your ‘friend’ lists. A slightly serious note: National Unfriend Day is a great time to reflect on the superficial relationships people have in this era of social media and ‘likes’ and’retweets. Do you neglect the people in your life that really care about you?

Do you take all kinds of photos of activities that you shouldn’t be doing with your friends, family, or significant other in order to quickly upload them on Facebook and get ‘likes’ from people who you don’t like as much? These questions are silly, but people replacing human contact with real interactions and interaction with ‘likes’ is a serious problem in our society. This National Unfriend Day is a great opportunity to ensure that this does not happen in your life.


Nov 17 2024


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