National Vision Board Day

National Vision Board Day

Celebrate National Vision Board Day to share your dreams and inspires for the next year!

Vision Board parties were a growing trend among friends that began in 2010. Vision Board parties were a gathering where friends could share their dreams and set goals, as well as identify the best ways to achieve them.

The law of attraction loosely states that goals placed “out there” are more likely to become achievable and accessible. These parties often include vision boards. They look like collages of photos or items that reflect what the person wants, hopes for and dreams about in the next year.

People often have goals that seem “out there”, but a vision board can make them more concrete. National Vision Board Day was founded by Ryan Daly and Kellan Lutz in 2015. It is intended to encourage people to set their goals for the year and make them more likely to achieve them.

National Vision Board Day will be held on Saturday, January 1, at the start of the new year. This is to give people a chance to look ahead to the coming year and to hopefully feel more motivated to achieve their goals.

These ideas and plans will help you be more proactive in your pursuit of those goals.

In honor of National Vision Board Day, one of the most important activities is to create an inspiration vision board for next year. You can use magazine cutouts, sketches and drawings or print pictures from the Internet to create your vision board. For those who are more artistic, you can use markers, colored pencils, and paints to create a vision board that expresses your personality.

When the vision board has been completed, place it in a prominent location in your home or office. It will serve as a daily reminder of your goals, plans, and manifestations of dreams.

National Vision Board Day is a great opportunity to get together a group of friends interested in working together to achieve the goals for the next twelve months. Poster boards, magazines and supplies are needed: glue, tapes, string, scissors, string, string and snacks.

While everyone is creating their boards, you can play some inspiring and energizing music. After the boards have been completed, everyone can share their hopes and dreams with the group.

You can keep the energy going by trying to keep the group connected throughout the year. This will allow you to encourage and hold each other accountable for how they are pursuing their dreams.


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