National Waffle Iron Day

National Waffle Iron Day

The Waffle Iron is the creator of some of our favorite breakfast delights. There are many types to choose from: regular waffle irons, multi-waffle makers that can make multiple waffles at once, round waffle-makers, and Belgian waffle-makers. They all have deep squares and thick waffles that beg for strawberries and cream. National Waffle Iron Day is a great day to celebrate this breakfast favorite!

Waffle irons were discovered in the Low Countries region of Northwestern Europe, which also includes Belgium and the Netherlands. They were originally made for open flame use and had two long handles, usually of wood, with a clamshell system at the other end. This would allow them to be placed over a fire to bake.

Origins of the waffle iron can been traced back to middle age, when they were created from a device called the “wafer iron”. These were used to create the communion wafer. However, there were larger versions that consisted of two flat irons, often with intricate scenes. It was the depiction of Christ’s crucifixion that was used for the communion wafer. The larger secular designs were often intricately engraved with floral designs or illuminations, but they all had a variety of meanings.

They were further developed by the Dutch in the 17th and 18th century. At that time sugar was extremely valuable. Sometimes, a kilogram of sugar could catch as much as half an ounce of gold. The mestiers, made from only the best ingredients and sweetened with precious sugar, were very popular during this period.

Waffle irons are more than just a breakfast staple. The Netherlands’ Gouda is home to a delicious cookie known as a “stroopwafel”. Gerard Kamphuisen developed this sweet syrup-filled confection, which led to a boom in the number of stroopwafel producers. Since then, stroopwafels have become very popular all over the globe.

George Bang, who allegedly invented waffles in 1904, is believed to have accidentally created one of the most beloved uses for them. After running out of bowls for his Banner Creamery Ice Cream, he started giving away rolled-up waffles instead. This is because of other origin stories, such as a Belgian gent from Ghent who moved to Norfolk, Virginia and decided that a rolled-up Waffle was the best place to put an ice cream scoop!

National Waffle Iron Day offers a great opportunity for you to go out and buy a new waffle maker. There are many options, including novelty waffle irons that can be customized with anything from Mickey Mouse to Texas. You can make a whole menu with waffles. Waffle-cone Ice-cream, breakfast waffles with whipped cream, berries, and the ever-popular chicken and waffles dinner are all available. All of these can be served on specially prepared savory waffles.

Spend National Waffle Iron Day exploring the fascinating history of this delicious and creative food. It’s inspiring to see how a simple idea spread to shape our favorite foods and become a global phenomenon. Happy National Waffle Iron Day!


Jun 29 2024


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