National Walk On Stilts Day

National Walk On Stilts Day

You have probably seen someone on stilts walking high above the crowd at a circus or parade. Stilts are the mainstay for theatrical performers, clowns and jugglers. Most people are unaware that stilts have a long, distinguished history in many cultures. They were used for many purposes from practical to ceremonial. This is the ideal time to find out more about these surprisingly useful tools and perhaps even try them yourself.

A Stilt can be described as a “pillar, post, and/or pole used to support a person or structure in rising above the ground”. Although we have seen stilts used for entertainment purposes, they are also used in many other industries, such as construction and shepherding. Sometimes stilts are used in construction as part of a permanent structure. If you live in an area with poor ground, such as a flood plain or on the beach, there is no better way to protect your self than to raise yourself above the ground.

However, the practice of using stilts to move has been in existence since at least the 6th century BC. They were used by shepherds in France to look after their flocks from a higher position. Those who lived in towns would also use them to move around the dirt in their daily lives. They were used for practical purposes for many years but they have been lost to the elements. Recently, however, there has been a revival in those industries that require workers to be able to reach higher than normal and where moving ladders is not possible. Most commonly, they are used in the drywall industry. A special design and name have been created for them. They are known in Germany as Handwerkerstelzen. Drywall stilts.

You have the opportunity to walk on stilts day and join the ranks of those who have used stilts for both work and pleasure throughout history. You’re ready to take on a new hobby that will take your adventures to new heights? Then you should try stilts. They can be purchased at your local supplier or ordered online. You can also search online for kits to make your own. Start with a shorter stilt. It can be difficult to get used to walking on stilts. As you become more skilled, increase the height of your stilts. You’ll eventually be able to walk along with a fresh perspective and a whole new outlook on life.


Jul 27 2024


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