National Wash Your Nose Day

National Wash Your Nose Day

Wash your hands. Wash your face. Wash your… nose. That’s right!

It has not been an everyday practice to wash your nose, but it should. Many people don’t realize the dangers of breathing in germs, allergens, and other invisibles.

National Wash Your Nose Day will change everything!

National Wash Your Nose Day was created to educate the public about the importance of regularly washing their nose. National Wash Your Nose Day was created by Xlear, a manufacturer of natural, xylitol based sinus and oral care products. It aims to educate the public about how important it is for your health.

The nose connects to the ears, eyes, and lungs. This acts as a kind of nest for bacteria and viruses that can spread to other parts. Allergens and viruses can also cause irritation.

Daily nasal washing can help support your body’s defenses, as the nasal passages work to eliminate irritants. This proactive approach can help to reduce health problems, and even prevent illnesses like colds, flu, and allergies.

National Wash Your Nose Day was created to educate the public about hygiene and teach them how to protect their noses.

These fun facts about the nose may be helpful when you participate in National Wash Your Nose Day.

This is a very special day to celebrate, but anyone can do it! These are some ideas to pay attention to this fascinating day:

The first step to honoring this day, however, is to spend some time learning more about the history behind it. These facts may help you to start nose washing as an everyday habit.

If you aren’t sure whether nose washing is the right thing for you, it may be a good idea talk to your family doctor about how to maintain healthy sinuses. Ask about the benefits of using nasal health support medication xylitol.

It might take some practice or instruction to learn how to properly brush your teeth.

A video guideline on how to perform a nasal wash can be found here:

It’s a serious topic because it involves staying healthy. But National Wash Your Nose Day is still fun! These films that focus on the nose might inspire you to give it a try.


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