National Weaning Week

National Weaning Week will take place from 4-10th May this year. The aim of Weaning Week is to offer a supportive week and forum for families, experts, retailers and brands to come together and talk about weaning. Throughout the week, we are asking everyone to get on board and share support, information, recipe ideas and tips to make weaning easier and fun! Weaning Week’s mission is to help families feel empowered to wean their child as nutritiously as possible.

What is Weaning?

Weaning is a stage in your child’s development when solid foods are introduced into their diet. Several decades ago, babies would have been weaned when just a few months old. Nowadays however, the switch to solids is advised from the age of six months.

How You Can Take Part

Last year Weaning Week attracted attention from number of parents, carers, retailers, brands and healthcare trusts, with a reach of over 9 million.

Weaning Week is looking to work with partners, content contributors, giveaways and review products as part of the National Weaning Week campaign. You might have your own weaning stories to share on social media. Simply share your story or brand using use the hashtag #WeaningWeek or #weaningweek2020.

If you would like to partner in some way, contact or call 01462 530333.


May 04 - 10 2024


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