National Webmistress Day

National Webmistress Day

Webmasters are the men who tirelessly work every day to make the internet a reality. We hear a lot about them. The digital world would not be as amazing without them. Or would it? It turns out that not all the internet architects were men. Webmistress Day is a celebration of these women and their role, and gives them the attention and time they deserve. Do you know any webmistresses?

Let’s get to the point. These women develop, maintain and market websites to the digital world. Webmaster is the origin of webmistress. However, Kat Valentine officially made it official when her company was purchased. WebMistress is a title that thousands of women around the globe have taken on, but people still frown when they hear it.

Webmistress Day emphasizes that this job title is legitimate and used by thousands of professionals around the globe. It is important to remove the stigma surrounding it so that women can be acknowledged as an integral part of developing the internet. You should take the time to look at every website you visit and determine if that person is a webmistress. It’s possible that your favorite websites were designed by one of these webmistresses.

It is time to stop being amazed and realize that webmistresses will always be around.

Start thanking the women who created your favorite websites! Send them a note of appreciation when you find them. Check your company’s website maintenance team before you go to work. You might be surprised to find out that you have been working with a Webmistress all along. Webmistress Day aims to make everyone more aware of their roles and presence. Do something for yourself today if you are a webmistress. Without you, the internet would not be what it is.


Aug 26 2024


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