National Wienerschnitzel Day

National Wienerschnitzel Day

Wiener Schnitzel, a tasty treat, is beloved in Austria and other countries of the region. It is a classic example of Viennese cuisine that has been a staple of many natives’ childhood meals.

Wiener Schnitzel Day is a celebration of this dish, its culture, and its history.

Wiener Schnitzel, a breaded cutlet, is deep-fried and then topped with oil. It is usually made of veal but can also be made from pork. It might also be made from chicken or beef in Australia.

This dish was named after Vienna, which is how Vienna is written in German.

Wiener Schnitzel first appeared in 1831 in a cookbook. It was then called eingebroselte Kalbsschnitzchen. The dish would eventually make its way to Vienna, Austria in 1857. It was popular in the rest of the region. One commenter from 1887 stated that it was “a culinary dream”. However, the dish he describes includes slices of lemon peel, sardines and gherkins as well as capers and an unknown assortment of spices.

The modern version of Wiener Schnitzel has many other names. It’s commonly served as a “pork tenderloin” in the Midwest of the United States and on a bun for a sandwich. It is also known in Latin America as “Milanesa” and in the Czech Republic it is “Rizek”.

Wiener Schnitzel Day is a celebration of this dish and its historical place!

These are some of the fun activities you can do to celebrate Wiener Schnitzel Day:

Share interesting facts about the guest of honour on Wiener Schnitzel Day to impress your friends, family and coworkers.

For the best Wiener Schnitzel, a trip to Vienna is the perfect choice. You can visit the Habsburg palace, where the Habsburg royals spent their summers, and see museums that contain works of art from famous artists like Albrecht Durer, Gustav Klimt, and Hieronymus Bosch.

It is possible to hop on a Trans-Atlantic flight from the US and fly to Austria in just a few hours. A number of airlines have direct flights to Vienna from several American cities. It takes approximately 8-9 hours from the east coast.

Vienna’s delicious culinary delights can be enjoyed at almost any traditional restaurant. They will most likely serve a delicious schnitzel that is probably larger than your head. Enjoy a side of potato salad and a little lemon juice on your tender, breaded meat.

You can visit Vienna’s most popular attractions such as the Schonbrunn Palace, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and the Hofburg Palace & Museum, in addition to delicious meals. After your meal, enjoy a cup of Viennese coffee in a Viennese caf√©.

You can celebrate Wiener Schnitzel Day by making your own Wiener Schnitzel at home. Although it is simpler than the other dishes, it can still be a great foundation for any Schnitzel-based dish you might want to make!

Start by placing two sheets of paper towels on a work surface. In a large bowl, combine the flour with one Tablespoon salt. Next, whisk the eggs with the cream in another bowl. In a third bowl, combine the breadcrumbs with 2t salt. Next, wrap the eye in plastic wrap to flatten them. Make sure you don’t break them. Season with salt and pepper.


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