National Wildlife Day

National Wildlife Day

Each year, many species are lost due to human expansion and growth. But, thanks to the efforts of zoos and sanctuaries and preservation groups, this rate is being slowed. These groups are doing amazing work to educate and bring awareness to people all over the world, while protecting Mother Nature’s precious treasures. National Wildlife Day reminds us all that some creatures cannot speak for themselves. We have to be there for them. You will be appreciated by the animals and future generations who will still enjoy them.

The world suffered a devastating loss in September 2006. Steve Irwin, also known as “The Crocodile Hunter”, was killed in a collision with a stingray.

This normally peaceful and docile creature packs a strong punch in its tail and instead of swimming away, it attacked Steve with its stinger. Steve thought he had only suffered a punctured lung. However, the stinger managed to penetrate his heart, causing him to go blind. This was the story of an extraordinary man.

What does all this have to do National Wildlife Day? Steve Irwin was an animal expert and spent a lot of his career trying to raise awareness about endangered species and help conservation.

National Wildlife Day is dedicated to his memory. It reminds us of the precious resources of animals around the world and the many sanctuaries and conservatories that work together each year to preserve them for future generations.

We will lose them if we don’t take care of them immediately. If an animal is extinct, it is lost forever to future generations. It is our responsibility to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

There are many ways to support endangered animals. National Wildlife Day is one of them! Nearly every community has animal sanctuary or zoos. Take your family and friends along to see their exhibits.

You can also help spread awareness about the drives and donate your time or money while you are there. You can contact them to help organize an event. Or, you could even visit the local library to distribute flyers and spread awareness.


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